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The Mask of Dimitrios

Monte Blue and Zachary Scott in The Mask of Dimitrios.

Dimitrios (Zachary Scott) is a petty thief, figpicker by trade, who is on the run from the authorities, and needs money to leave the country. Enlisting the aid of the unwitting Abdul (Monte Blue), they together visit an antique dealer with an interest in a gold plate Dimitrios is said to possess. The dealer is shocked to see Abdul, Dimitrios was told to come alone, and realizes he's been duped, there is no gold plate, and so fears the worst. And for good reason, the figpicker knifes the frightened dealer, much to the shock of Abdul, who consented to aiding in robbery but not murder. Nonetheless, together they go on to a tavern, where Abdul's lavish spending arouses the suspicion of the police. As he's being arrested he calls out to Dimitrios, who saw before Abdul their arrival, and who has slipped into the night, eluding the authorities and beginning the upward trajectory of his criminal career.

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