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99 River Street

John Payne and Jack Lambert in 99 River Street.

Ernie Driscoll (John Payne), cab driver, was once a boxer, a promising young up-and-comer. Ernie's married to Pauline, who unbeknownst to him has found someone else to pin her dreams on. Her new flame is Victor Rawlins, jewel thief. Rawlin's involvement with Pauline prevents him from selling the jewels to his fence, who told him in no uncertain terms not to bring anyone else in on the transaction. This forces Rawlins to kill Pauline, the only impediment to closing the deal. The fence still resists the exchange, until Rawlins forces the issue at gunpoint. He also implicates Ernie in matters by dumping the dead body in the back seat of her husband's cab. In the course of events Ernie ends up crossing paths with the fence and his flunky, Mickey. Here we see Ernie being menaced by Mickey, played by a familiar face in a number of great noirs, actor Jack Lambert.

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