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The Window

Paul Stewart and Ruth Roman in The Window.

Joe Kellerton (Paul Stewart) and his wife (Ruth Roman) occupy the apartment directly above the Woodrys, a young couple with a son, Tommy. A sweltering summer night drives Tommy out of his bed and onto the fire escape. As he lies there in his pajamas, pillow beneath his head, blanket over him, he looks up to see clothes fluttering on a line. Enticed by the promise of a cool night breeze, he grabs pillow and blanket and moves up a flight, nestled on the escape below the Kellertons' window. A commotion inside the window draws his attention, and to his horror he sees Joe and his wife murder a merchant seaman. Trouble is, Tommy is by nature a born storyteller, and therein lies the problem. No one believes him even though he emphatically tells both his parents and the police of the murder. THE WINDOW was a huge box-office success at the time of its release. Here we see Joe Kellerton and his wife in the stairwell, pausing between floors.

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