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Nightmare Alley

Tyrone Power, Ian Kieth, and Joan Blondell in Nightmare Alley.

With a bit of coaching from a seasoned vet, Stan Carlisle (Tyrone Power) becomes Stanton the Great, spiritualist, seer, con man. His tutor is Zeena (Joan Blondell), a soft-hearted carny seduced by Stan's clean good looks and smooth spiel, seduced into giving up long-withheld trade secrets. Pete (Ian Kieth) is her partner from the old days, a sad-eyed down-on-his-luck alcoholic whose best years are behind him. Here we see Pete, face emerging from the back of the truck, interrupting an exchange between Stan and Zeena. Seems Stan's close to getting Zeena to give up the privileged knowledge of their act, but Pete overhears their conversation, voices his objection, then wearily turns in for the night.

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